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Echo Olympus range of snares

Echo olympus aluminium snare drum

Olympus Aluminium Seamless Shell Snare 14”x 5½” For Sale £444
Seamless Double Beaded Aluminium shell
Brush metal finish.
Ten EcHo lugs with Chrome Hexi-lock & 24-carat gold plating tension rods
Triple flange hoops.
24 strand Puresound snare wire.
EcHo/Trick G007 snare throw off.
Shell finished with Greek style engravings.

Description by Nick Carter of Drummer Magazine.

Putting stick to head at a medium tension, you get a well-projected and loud note with a significant amount of high, ringing overtone from the aluminium shell. Being very much more open than the brass model, this drum does certainly benefit from some form of dampening as the overtone can be slightly too much for all but the loudest of playing situations.

Echo olympus aluminium snare drum Echo aluminium snare drum The aluminium model is slightly thinner sounding than the brass model and doesn't quite have the same amount of warmth, but it does have a very definite attack and excellent articulation, coupled with tons of volume, with the Puresound snares doing their job perfectly: great response at any volume level. Taking the tuning up a little, you get even more volume and projection, as well as a slightly fuller sound. Playing rim shots on this drum can only be likened to cracking a whip against a very thick slab of metal: incredibly loud and high-pitched, with an initial snap that could frighten birds thirty miles away.
The aluminium shell gives each note a huge amount of high overtone, which sings openly and proudly, and if undampened can threaten to be slightly piercing if overused. Rim-clicks are again loud and coupled with high-pitched ringing overtones, but with enough fullness of sound and body to make them musical and expressive. Turning the snares off gives an ear-splittingly loud, aggressive note that seems to sustain for ages with high-pitched ring, but this isn't a negative (far from it), as the notes produced sound closer to a timbale than possibly any drum I've tested.

A very nice drum that would probably suit louder styles of playing, the aluminium model is a beast that once tamed would be a great addition to any player's kit!


EcHo Custom Drums, Unit B17, Copley Mill, St Pauls Trading Estate, Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge, Cheshire. SK15 2QF