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Echo Olympus range of snares

Echo Olympus Brass Snare

Olympus Brass Shell Snare 14”x 5½” For Sale £478.80
Single vertical seam with double bead.
Brush brass metal & lacquer finish.
Ten EcHo Hexi-lock chrome lugs.
Triple flange hoops.
24 strand Puresound snare wire.
EcHo/Trick G007 snare throw off.
Shell finished with Greek style engravings.

Description by Nick Carter of Drummer Magazine.

At a medium tuning, you get a full, fat and very warm sound. Excellent response and articulation combine with great projection and clarity to make this drum sound great at any dynamic range, with the Puresound snare wires offering plenty of buzz even at the lowest of volumes. Take the tuning up a notch and the drum sings out with added projection and much more volume, with the brass shell providing a substantial, but not overpowering, amount of high-frequency overtones complementing the warmer, full-bodied tones the drum produces.

Echo Olympus snare drum Rim-shots offer up ear-piercingly loud notes with even more high-end overtone coming from the brass shell to give a well-projected, full sound that will be heard in any loud gig setting. Rim-clicks offer a similar approach: full, fat and warm, but with high frequencies aplenty, and again enough volume to project well. Finally turning the snare wires off, and here you are in timbale territory - loud, singing, open tones that bark and ring-out courtesy of the brass shell, and really inspire you to get your Latin vibe on. It's a very nice drum, which does benefit from a touch of dampening (moongel or similar) to slightly curb the ringing overtones, especially if used in the studio or rehearsal room, but left open sounds great in a live setting.
The responsive nature of the drum coupled with its wide dynamic range make this a very versatile drum indeed.


EcHo Custom Drums, Unit B17, Copley Mill, St Pauls Trading Estate, Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge, Cheshire. SK15 2QF