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Echo Olympus range of snares

Echo olympus copper snare

Olympus Copper Seamless Shell Snare 14”x 5½” For Sale £468
Seamless Double Beaded Copper shell
Brush Metal & Lacquered finish.
Ten EcHo lugs with Gold Plated Hexi-lock &Chrome plating tension rods
Triple flange hoops.
24 strand Puresound snare wire.
EcHo/Trick G007 snare throw off.
Shell finished with Greek style engravings.

Description by Nick Carter of Drummer Magazine.

Starting at a medium tuning, and the first thing that's apparent is that this drum is very different to either of the two previous models. It's much drier and warmer than both the brass or aluminium shelled models, with noticeably more body and depth, although this is at the expense of volume when compared to its stable mates. While there are still some noticeable high-pitched overtones, they aren't quite as apparent and obvious as the two previous models, making for a very controlled sound.

Echo olympus copper snare Echo olympus copper snare Responsive and articulate, this is a very musical drum that would easily work in any musical setting. Crank the tuning up a notch (or two) and you get more of the same responsive, full-bodied and controlled sound, but with excellent clarity and added volume. Playing rim-shots at this tuning allows the drum to really spring to life, giving a very full note with lots of high-end overtone and projection. The dual beading of the copper shell also comes heavily into play here, adding an evident vibrato to the sustaining overtone, making for a nice, complex mixture of warmth, snap and quiver! Rim-clicks give a very warm and musical sound, which are full, fat and fairly loud, with just a hint of metallic overtone coming from the copper shell.

Turning the * snares off gives a very musical sounding tone that is not as loud or aggressive as the copper- or aluminium-shelled models, but one that is warmer and more melodic sounding. Of the three Olympus models, the copper snare is, in my opinion, the most musical, well controlled and warm sounding drum, and one that would be equally at home pounding out strong backbeats in a metal setting as it would quiet ghost notes to complement a jazz trio, and is my personal favourite.


EcHo Custom Drums, Unit B17, Copley Mill, St Pauls Trading Estate, Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge, Cheshire. SK15 2QF